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Biro Oktroi Roosseno
December 2023 | 49th Editions
Biro Oktroi Roosseno
1. Indonesia Trademark Update: How Long the Batteries Fight Will Last in Court

Chung Pak Investment Limited was founded in 1981. The company was set up by a group of experts in battery production, and now, Vinnic is one of the major battery manufacturers in Asia. Its head office is based in Hongkong, with one battery products manufacturing factory located in Shunde, Guangdong, Mainland China, employing a total of approximately 1,800 professionals.

The Company's line of business includes the wholesale distribution of electrical apparatus and equipment wiring supplies. To increase the quality, efficiency and create an environmentally friendly product, Vinnic has invested significantly to the production base with advanced machinery from Japan, Germany and US and conducts large scale R&D. In the past years, Chung Pak has invested

significantly in advanced machinery to develop environmentally friendly battery products to expand its existing business and networks.


Indonesia Trademark Update: How Long the Batteries Fight Will Last in Court

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2. Indonesia Trademark Update: Which Oil that Brings Eminence

Leybold GmbH filed a lawsuit against a a general local trading company, PT Nafvira, for using a similar mark. The Swedish company stated that they are the legal owner and the first registrant internationally of the mark "LEYBONOL". The lawsuit was filed in the Central Jakarta District Court on September 29th, 2023.

Defendant's trademark was filed at the Directorate of Trademarks, Directorate General of Intellectual Property and registered under registration No. IDM000660478. Defendant's trademark has been registered on November 22nd, 2019. Both trademarks protect type of goods in class 4 such as lubricating oil, grease, motor vehicle lubricating oil, non-chemical additives for engine oil, non-chemical additives for fuels, non-chemical additives for

gasoline, non-chemical additives for motor oil, non-chemical additives for lubricants, lubricating oil for industry, etc.


Indonesia Trademark Update: Which Oil that Brings Eminence

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3. Singapore Trademark Update: ASIA Security Conference & Exhibition and Anti-Counterfeiting, Trademark & Brand Protection conference, Singapore (26th and 27th July 2023)

The main discussion of the conference was that in today's highly interconnected market, protecting a brand's identity against counterfeiters has become an essential measure to ensure the long-term success of the brand name. Counterfeit goods represent an ever-increasing global challenge, causing immense economic losses and damaging brand reputation.

The proliferation of counterfeit products is not limited to luxury items anymore, as counterfeiters exploit the vulnerabilities of trademarks across various sectors.

No industry is immune to this menace, from fashion apparel to electronics, pharmaceuticals to automotive parts.

The main speakers at the conference were representatives from the respective Customs offices from the Philippines, Malaysia, and Cambodia, as well as legal counsel from companies, notably from Philip Morris Lego, and representatives from IP offices around the world.

The speakers mainly spoke about the challenges of illicit trade in counterfeit products and how it's impacting the global economy in ASEAN countries, especially when there is a high supply and demand for fake products, particularly during the festive season.

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4. DGIP: Plan to Fight IP Infringement in 2024

The Director of Intellectual Property Investigation and Dispute Resolution stated that the Directorate of Investigation and Dispute Resolution has achieved the 2023 flagship program. This was presented at the 2023 Performance Evaluation Meeting on Thursday, December 7th, 2023.

One of the achievements is the certification of Intellectual Property-based shopping centers in 2023. He said that there are 28 provinces consisting of 87 shopping centers. "Out of the 28 provinces, there are 140 shopping centers that have been

certified during 2023. As for the extension of shopping center certification that has been granted in 2022, there are 19 from 11 provinces," he said.


DGIP: Plan to Fight IP Infringement in 2024

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5. DGIP: Madrid System Utilization in Indonesia at the Business IP Asia Forum in Hong Kong

The Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) discussed Madrid system utilization in Indonesia at the Business Intellectual Property (BIP) Asia Forum 2023 which was held in Hong Kong, Friday, December 8th, 2023.

Director of Brands and Geographical Indications who attended the activity said that trademark applications through the Madrid system increased for three consecutive years from 2019-2021,

and experienced a slight decline in 2022 and 2023.


DGIP: Madrid System Utilization in Indonesia at the Business IP Asia Forum in Hong Kong

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6. A Concert to Commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of the Late Prof. Toeti Heraty N. Roosseno

Apart from being active in intellectual property rights, academic, literary, and philosophical activities, music was close to the heart of The Late Prof. Toeti Heraty N. Roosseno who is nicknamed "The Baronese of Culture". Toeti Heraty is also famous as an accomplished classical pianist.

In 2002, Toeti Heraty and Avip Priatna were the founders of the Jakarta Concert Orchestra (at that time called the Jakarta Chamber Orchestra). Since then, she has been on the JCO board of directors until she passed away in 2021. Not only JCO, she was also on the board of directors of the Batavia Madrigal Singers. During her lifetime, she was an opera music enthusiast, having supported the organization of complete opera performances including Camille Saint-Saëns' Samson et Dalila in 2006. The staging of the opera La Traviata was her dream to be performed in Jakarta.



A Concert to Commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of the Late Prof. Toeti Heraty N. Roosseno

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7. Update Status of Some Dispute Cases in Indonesia

Pursuant to our previous newsletter, where we informed you of several interesting IP-related cases, herewith we would like to provide you with the results of some of the cases as follows:
Patent Dispute for Oil Palm

Firstwave Technology Sdn. Bhd. filed a patent lawsuit to the two local companies. The Malaysian company has succeeded in defending the patent for the invention relating to a sterilizer for processing palm fruit bunches and other similar fruits using steam, comprising of an extending vessel, a hinge device, and a tilting device in various tilted positions under control conditions.

The Plaintiff filed an appeal for cassation after their petition was rejected at the Central Jakarta Commercial Court. Therefore, Supreme Court decided to grant the petition for cassation of the Plaintiff, and legally declare that the Plaintiff is the legitimate Patent Holder and Owner of the Invention of a Sterilization Device for Processing Palm Oil Bunches and Other Similar Fruits with Patent Certificate Number ID P 0023361, dated 30 April 2009.


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